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Pax et bonum! Peace and all good! Friendship goes to the heart of the Franciscan way. Fra Francis, Fra Bernard, Fra Juniper, and their fratelli wandered about Italy seeking good fellowship with all whom they meet. Some even struck out for Africa and beyond. And soon all the world was their way. It is said that no single person on earth has inspired as many men and women to follow him, with the exception of Jesus of Nazareth, than the little, poor friar from Assisi. We cannot roam very far on our island, but find that the pathways on the web are wide indeed! May they be used more and more for good!

If you wish to share words of friendship with us, please do so. You may reach us through the U.S. mail at

Fra Columba, OSF, Secretary
Franciscan Hermitage Ministries
PO Box 481
Kapa'au, HI 96755

Or you can reach us via electronic means:

Telephone: 808-339-1955

The list below represents the foundation documents of Franciscan Hermitage Ministries. It will be supplemented in future years by financial statements.

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