Turmeric field

The Hermitage's turmeric field came about through fellowship with a local grower, Big Jake, who gave us 500 rhizomes of turmeric to plant. This was a part of his ministry of "giving back" and of "spreading the good news about turmeric." We had already been gardening according to organic guidelines and methods, but after meeting Big Jake, we realized that in order to satisfy the requirement of buyers, we must become certified as organic growers, which is a long and detailed process. In Hawai'i this means certification by the California Certified Organic Farmers. We have begun the process of CCOF certification.

Decisions about future crops are still pending discernment and discussion. Following our turmeric project, we plan to prepare the soil as our knowledge of organic farming deepens. We are blessed to have deep, fertile soil, which is not common in Hawai'i.