The Ministries of Franciscan Hermitage Ministries

Fra. Juniper was repeatedly censured by his Father Francis for giving away his only tunic and, as a consequence, going about unclothed bringing scandal to the Friars. So when men who had nothing to wear would approach him for his replacement tunic, he would reply, "I cannot give it to you, but I will not resist if you take it." St. Juniper captures the Franciscan spirit of giving and its inevitable companion, self-denial. In Haiti one would meet Franciscans who at age seventeen or eighteen gave their lives to the poor ... now turning seventy and eighty, still giving. They poured themselves out freely each day, still smiling, still joyous. We are certain that you will find these men and women all over the world.

The ministries of Franciscan Hermitage Ministries are all offered free of charge. We work each day to feed the poor, to construct a retreat center, to sustain the followers of Jesus Christ with the Sacraments He enjoined us to receive, and to carry out the many works of corporal and spiritual mercy that come to us day by day and week by week -- ministering to the troubled and the ill, consoling and helping those who suffer, assisting those who are losing (or have lost) capacity, welcoming seekers.

Our daily routine is mostly filled with managing a plantation and small farm of about eight acres. All of the proceeds of this work go to helping neighbors in need (after we pay our rent as we share half of the net profits with the owner of a six-acre plantation where we are tenant farmers). Our labors in planting, pruning, caretaking, and harvesting result in thousands of pounds of fruit and vegetables that we sell to retail sellers and offer directly at farmers' markets. We are registered with the State of Hawaii as a non-profit public benefit corporation.

Some recent pictures will help to bring you closer to our work.

God's bounty
God's Bounty.
Franciscan sisters
Franciscan Sisters

Please contact us if you feel called to help us as a volunteer! We can be reached at or at 808-339-1955.