Please Join Us in Prayer & Poverty

Saint Francis was joined by God to his bride, the fair Lady Poverty. His would be a marriage of true souls. In Francis' case, it was only in true poverty that he might arrive to complete fulfillment and freedom, which is the purpose of marriage. Lady Poverty was St. Francis' constant companion, his encourager, his inspiration, his faithful friend.

Some of us at the Hermitage have lived in complete poverty for many decades — working six days a week and devoting Sundays to preparing and providing worship — receiving no compensation of any kind, save for shelter and food. This was not and is not a privation but rather our vocation to which God has called us: intentional poverty. Today, no member of Franciscan Hermitage Ministries, Third Order of St. Francis, receives any compensation of any kind. We live in intentional poverty sharing Apostolic common life, and we continue the Franciscan tradition of begging alms.

Would you support us in our Gospel life? We seek your donations of prayer, for we rely entirely upon God, and, mysteriously, God sets great store in your prayers and in our prayers. Please write Fra Columba or Sr. Annie to tell us of your needs, so that we may offer intercessory prayers for you each morning:

We also seek your financial support to assist us in our work of feeding the poor and helping to sustain us in our life of intentional poverty, prayer, and ministry to neighbors in need. May God bless you in your generosity:

All donations are fully tax-deductable under State and Federal laws.

Pax et bonum!